Davos | Crypto Valley week 2020

The future is multi-chain

Davos — 21st of January 2020 — Start of the Crypto Valley Week

Patrick Schmid, CEO of Novacrypto, has a mission to educate startups & entrepreneurs on the power of the EOSIO open-source software. He’s hosted 10 meetups & workshops in the past 15 months and will continue working on his educational mission in 2020 through his EOSIO Swiss Workshop Series. The next workshop is coming up on February 27th in Zug with many more planned for 2020!

The year started off strong for Patrick when he attended ‘Demo day’ this week as part of the Crypto Valley Week in Davos. Patrick was able to:

📽🎞Greetings from Savognin on the eve of Crypto Valley Week in Davos

21st of January| Crypto Valley Week Kick-Off Event ‘Demo Day’

📽🎞CVVC AG Introduction

Pöstli Club | Davos
“Demo Day” & “Cool Kids on the Blockchain” party

The event started with startups from both incubation batches pitching their projects live on stage. Like an atomic clock, each project had 3 minutes in front-off an audience of blockchain investors, builders, and enthusiasts.

For NovaCrypto, this was a valuable opportunity to meet with the startups and discuss various topics that tended to revolve around the idea that “the future is multi-chain”. Oftentimes, the more pragmatic approach to follow is to integrate decentralized solutions in a way that allows for the best scalability, security, and decentralization of data. Since February 2019, NovaCrypto is aligned with this vision and is building on LiquidApps to achieve this vision.

📽🎞LiquidApps Unchained 📽🎞Beni Hakak, CEO of LiquidApps

The “Demo Day” concluded with the ‘Cool Kids on the Blockchain’ party. Throughout the whole day, the passion for blockchain, EOS, EOSIO, and the multi-chain future was obvious.

EOSIO Swiss Workshop 2020

The EOSIO Swiss Workshop Series is a proud collaboration between NovaCrypto, Patrick Schmid, CV Labs Incubation Program, Pavel Jakovlev, and EOS Nation.

📽🎞Pavel and Patrick chat at “Demo Day” in Davos

Upcoming EOSIO Swiss Workshops will be hosted by CV Labs in Zug, Switzerland, on the 27th of February and also on the 23rd of April. Dates for June, August, October, and December will be announced later.

Surprise: an EOSIO Swiss Workshop in CV Labs Vaduz|Liechtenstein will be also organized in 2020! Stay tuned to our Twitter account, the date will be announced soon!

Follow us on Twitter or join our chat on Telegram or visit our educational platform to stay informed about all our 2020 events.

We are excited about the upcoming EOSIO Swiss Workshops and we hope to see many of you there. It’s going to be an exciting year!

📽🎞Teaser video|EOSIO Swiss Workshop on the 27th of Feb.

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Switzerland will not ignore EOS!